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Fishtank Learning Added to Open Space

Written by // Matt Yauk Thursday, 02 December 2021

A collection of 167 full curriculum units for English Language Arts and Mathematics from Fishtank Learning have been added to Open Space! 

Fishtank Learning Added to Open Space

Finding Educational Resources with Educator Tools and Open Space

Written by // Matt Yauk Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Are you a teacher looking for supplemental resources for a lesson? Are you a curriculum team member looking for more comprehensive instructional materials? Are you an educator looking to help others identify lessons or activities with strong alignment to state standards? You may be starting from a different place or for a different purpose when looking for new resources, but luckily, INFOhio’s web tools have everyone covered when it comes to curriculum and instructional materials!

Using INFOhio Tools to Design Learning Experiences

Written by // Matt Yauk Monday, 26 April 2021

Monday Mini Lessons Model Remote Teaching Best Practices

April's Monday Mini Lesson is all about designing learning experiences using tools, resources, and platforms available through INFOhio. To support educators integrating digital content into instruction and remote teaching, INFOhio is featuring a series of videos that showcase best practices for remote teaching using INFOhio's high-quality, digital content. This mini lesson is for all teachers wanting to design, build, or supplement lesson or an entire curriculum at little to no cost and with minimal modifications.

Using INFOhio Tools to Design Learning Experiences
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