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How We Can Help

We're a digital library that offers a variety of content and services—most at no charge—to Ohio's 1.9 million PreK-12 students, their parents, and their teachers. 

Our Vision

Each Ohio PreK-12 student has equal access to high quality digital resources for a successful education and future.

Our Mission

INFOhio transforms student learning by providing equitable access to quality resources and cost-effective instructional and technical support for each student, educator, and parent in Ohio.

"All about all students learning."

  • Cost Savings

    The cost savings districts can realize through INFOhio go beyond free digital tools and reduced rate library software. Every school library in Ohio is a premium member of OHIONET through INFOhio’s partnership agreement. That means schools get free or reduced cost professional development through OHIONET and purchase discounts on library supplies. We also manage the free licensing program for SketchUp Pro, 3D graphic software, and free access to’s EasyTech Online Safety curriculum.
  • Digital and Mobile Learning

    We can help teachers make the most of 1:1 instruction and mobile tools. Our resources are mobile friendly, but that's just the start. We offer blended learning options (Research 4 Success) and support for flipped classrooms (Digital Video Collection). We also offer professional development on using digital resources to improve student learning. In addition, our Educator Pages offer the chance to work virtually with other like-minded professionals through the Knowledge Building Community and to earn graduate credit through the 21 Things for 21st Century Learning.
  • Support for Ohio's New Learning Standards

    Finding resources—quizzes, primary sources, informational text—to support the New Learning Standards takes time that our teachers just don’t have. That’s why we’ve done the research for them. The IMatrix lets teachers search by standard, grade level, subject area, and dimension of inquiry to find a wealth of vetted resources. The Curriculum Toolboxes present resources by instructional shift or special instructional need.
  • Equal Access

    Through INFOhio, every PreK-12 student in the state has free access to 27 digital research databases that contain the kinds of journal articles, primary sources, videos, images and diagrams, ebooks, and practice tests they need for school. To see a complete list, click ALL INFOhio Resources on our home page, or you can view the resources by grade level. Click the blue information button by each resource to find its two-page Getting Started Guide.
  • Third Grade Reading Guarantee

    INFOhio’s resources for beginning readers—BookFlix, Early World of Learning, and WorldBook Kids—offer the extra practice struggling early readers need. For an overview of all INFOhio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee support, go to our Third Grade Reading Guarantee Curriculum Toolbox. For in depth information, try our webinar recordings on Resources for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and BookFlix. Our Regional ICoaches also offer onsite training on using these tools to improve student learning.
  • School Library Support

    School library software does much more than circulate books. It helps you improve test scores by showing you what students are reading, which helps you fill in the gaps. You can also use library software to track textbooks, audiovisual equipment, and computers. One district that used INFOhio’s library software to track textbooks went from losing 20 percent of its textbooks a year to losing less than 5 percent.

  • Collee and Career Readiness

    Problem solving. Critical thinking. Research. Those are the skills students need to succeed beyond high school. To help prepare your students, look to our research tools: Go! Ask Act Achieve for grades 6-10 and Research 4 Success for juniors and seniors. Find out more about all of our other College and Career Readiness Tools with our Curriculum Toolboxes.

  • Professional Development

    We offer both on-site and online professional development on the most critical education trends. View our webinar recordings any time that’s convenient for you and still earn contact hours for CEU credit. To make sure you’re notified of upcoming webinars, sign up for our email newsletter. When you want on-site training, contact one of our regional ICoaches. ICoaches are specialists in integrating technology in the classroom to help your students meet Ohio’s New Learning Standards. They can work with you to design a program to meet your needs for a very reasonable fee.