About INFOhio

Our Vision

Each Ohio PreK-12 student has equal access to high quality digital resources for a successful education and future.

Our Mission

INFOhio transforms student learning by providing equitable access to quality resources and cost-effective instructional and technical support for each student, educator, and parent in Ohio.

Structure & Governance

INFOhio is a division of the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN). The MCOECN is governed by a Board of Trustees representing all 17 Information Technology Centers (ITCs). The Board provides direction for a wide variety of software applications.

The INFOhio Advisory Board is a program board. It gives input to the organization's director on products and services to support student learning. The Board meets quarterly and is composed of 11 members representing school districts, education resource agencies, and ITCs.

Information Technology Centers (ITCs)

The OECN, through its 17 Information Technology Centers (ITCs), is the technical backbone for INFOhio services. Each ITC has at least one person who offers technical support and training for INFOhio’s library automation system and digital resources.

INFOhio Users Council

The 40+ members of the INFOhio Users Council meet three times a year to provide input on INFOhio’s products and services. Primarily building-level library media specialists, the members of the Users Council provide insight into the most pressing student and teacher needs.

IPartners and ICoaches

IPartners are staff in Ohio education agencies—ESCs, ITCs, Ed Techs, universities, public or academic libraries, and more—who provide outreach on INFOhio’s digital content and web tools. Currently, more than 100 INFOhio IPartners deliver training and professional development on INFOhio's resources and tools to their member schools, their patrons, or their students.

ICoaches are staff in PreK-12 school districts and buildings who have completed the rigorous ICoach training program. Currently, more than 300 INFOhio ICoaches deliver training and professional development on INFOhio's resources and tools to their school staff.

How We Deliver Services

INFOhio uses a shared services model to deliver our services.

Library Automation: Through the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN) and its Information Technology Centers (ITCs), we deliver library automation to 80 percent of the schools in Ohio. The ITCs contract with their member schools to provide automation licenses and Level 1 technical support, while at the same time working through the OECN as a whole to license the software, which saves school districts money over what they would pay individually for the same service. The INFOhio Technical Support Team provides Level 2 statewide support for library automation.

Digital Resources: With state and federal funds, INFOhio evaluates, curates, and licenses digital resources that all Ohio PreK-12 students, their parents, and educators can freely use for teaching and learning. The selection of resources is guided by the Collection Development Guidelines, which are reviewed by the INFOhio Advisory Board every three years. The INFOhio Instructional Team provides Level 1 statewide support for the digital resources.

Web Tools: The INFOhio Instructional and Technical Teams are instrumental in the design, development, and maintenance of INFOhio websites and web tools for teaching and learning. INFOhio Instructional and Technical Teams provide Level 1 statewide support for those tools.

Professional Development & Training: In addition to our staff, INFOhio ICoaches and IPartners provide hundreds of hours of training each year to Ohio educators using training resources developed by INFOhio and shared in the INFOhio Learning Pathways.

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