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INFOhio Staff

INFOhio central and technical staff are shown below.  To contact a staff member by email, click the 'Send Email' button next to the staff member.

INFOhio Staff

  • Theresa M. Fredericka
    Theresa M. Fredericka , Executive Director
    Phone: 614-947-7900 Send Email
  • Erica Clay
    Erica Clay , ILibrarian
    Phone: 614-275-4769 x137 Send Email
  • Cathie Cooper
    Cathie Cooper , eLearning Specialist
    Phone: 740-703-7757 Send Email
  • Elizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Davis , Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 614-947-7932 Send Email
  • Gayle Geitgey
    Gayle Geitgey , Instructional Integration Specialist
    Phone: 937-206-2203 Send Email
  • Melissa Higgs-Horwell
    Melissa Higgs-Horwell , eLearning Specialist
    Phone: 740-352-6820 Send Email
  • Cathy L. Kerner
    Cathy L. Kerner , Project Management Specialist
    Phone: 614-947-7935 Send Email
  • Emily Rozmus
    Emily Rozmus , ILibrarian
    Phone: 614-275-4769 x136 Send Email
  • Jennifer Schwelik
    Jennifer Schwelik , INFOhio eLearning Specialist
    Phone: 216-256-1924 Send Email
  • Brandi Young
    Brandi Young , ILibrarian
    Phone: 614-275-4769 x133 Send Email

INFOhio Technical Support Team

  • Terri Shutt
    Terri Shutt , Technical Services Manager
    Phone: 614-275-4769 x121 Send Email
  • Jean Banks
    Jean Banks , INFOhio Support Team Specialist
    Phone: 614-275-4769 x116 Send Email
  • Juanita Markham
    Juanita Markham , INFOhio Support Team Specialist
    Phone: 614-275-4769 x117 Send Email
  • Michael Ridinger
    Michael Ridinger , INFOhio Support Team Specialist
    Phone: 614-275-4769 x118 Send Email
  • Charles Schmiesing
    Charles Schmiesing , INFOhio Support Team Specialist
    Phone: 614-275-4769 x119 Send Email

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