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INFOhio Loves Reading: A Reading Community Creates Digital Literacy

Written by Emily Rozmus on Wednesday, 07 February 2018. Posted in Posts

Imagine a classroom where students are all reading and interacting with each other about the text, but there is little talking. A few students sit in groups, sharing a computer or tablet, whispering and pointing to what they notice. Some students are sitting alone, typing or using the annotation features to respond to the digital text they are reading on their device. Headphones read aloud text for students who choose that option. Despite the lack of noise pollution in the classroom, this is an example of building a community of readers. Using digital text and tools is a way to engage readers in text, as well as empower them with one of the most critical needs for their future—digital literacy. INFOhio is dedicated to providing high-quality digital content, resources, and tools for students and teachers in Ohio that will develop the necessary skills for early literacy, inquiry, and college and career readiness. 

Give the Gift of Reading this Season!

Written by Emily Rozmus on Monday, 18 December 2017. Posted in Posts

Establishing a culture of reading in your home for the holidays can be managable with some free resources, and a little bit of planning. You can start a tradition in your house that promotes the joy of books with these five tips.

Give the Gift of Reading this Season!

Reading on the Screen: Why Supporting Digital Natives Matters!

Written by Emily Rozmus on Wednesday, 13 December 2017. Posted in Posts

Today's digital natives are primarily "tech comfy." Teens may need to show adults how to use SnapChat, but age and experience help adults know more about how to evaluate the content on this platform and other digital spaces.

In order to create cricital thinkers who are able to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate digital content, educators must be intentional in preparing  students for 21st century learning. That includes reading content on the screen from a variety of sources—blogs, social media posts, databases, articles, and forums.

Reading on the Screen: Why Supporting Digital Natives Matters!

Stop the Summer Slide with INFOhio

Written by Erica Clay on Monday, 15 May 2017. Posted in Posts

The Summer Slide sounds like a fun piece of playground equipment but it’s something to be prevented: “Students in lower-income families who don't read over the summer lose two to three months of learning, according to the National Summer Learning Association, a Baltimore group with ties to Johns Hopkins University” (Wisconsin State Journal). To learn more about the Summer Slide, try a search for “summer slide” or “summer learning loss” in ISearch (use your school or district's INFOhio username and password if prompted).

Scholastic Stuff for Students - Straight to your Desktop!

Written by Emily Rozmus on Friday, 03 March 2017. Posted in Posts

Do you use Scholastic News in your classroom? What about Scholastic Scope or Scholastic Science? These subscriptions are a popular teaching tool in many schools. Full of informational text and critical thinking activities, Scholastic's classroom magazines offer teachers a wealth of resources that feature popular topics and engaging graphics. You can learn more about these resources, their grade levels, and content at Scholastic's Classroom Magazines site.

Diverse eBooks for Early Readers

Written by Emily Rozmus on Tuesday, 13 December 2016. Posted in Posts

It's a snowy day today in much of Ohio, and many teachers and parents will automatically think of a childhood favorite, The Snowy Day by  Ezra Jack Keats. This award-winning book tells the story of Peter and the adventures he has on a snowy day. Readers young and old can imagine the red snow-suited figure of a young boy playing in the wintry city. Many will also remember that Peter is an African-American child, and recognize that childhood delights are not determined by race, location, or gender. Everyone has fun in the snow.

It's Autumn! Teaching Tips and Topics From INFOhio for Grades PreK-3

Written by Emily Rozmus on Monday, 26 September 2016. Posted in Posts

It's Autumn - cooler temperatures, shorter days, crisper air, and yes, runnier noses. It's a great time to teach your little learners about the change of seasons and how they affect the world around them. Check out these resources and tips from INFOhio to help teach your PreK-3 students about Autumn.

Back To School Blitz! Lessons, Tips, and Strategies for the Vacation to Education Transition

Written by Emily Rozmus on Monday, 01 August 2016. Posted in Posts

Dear Teachers,

It’s August – let’s do this!