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Career Planning for Grades 9-12 with INFOhio

Author // Mary Rowland Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Career Planning

Teachers face many challenges when incorporating meaningful career planning lessons into classroom learning, but the most daunting is time. In their article, Career Exploration and Soft Skills: Preparing Students for Success, authors Loup, Kornegay, and Morgan identify three of the ways that time challenges career planning instruction:

  • The time it takes to curate tools, strategies, and resources to support students as they explore different career options.
  • The time it takes to balance the academic curriculum with opportunities for meaningful career planning.
  • The time it takes to practice the soft skills needed to navigate the workplace.

Most of all, time is in limited supply as graduation looms near. However, with the right resources, and a creative approach, teachers can incorporate meaningful career-planning activities that complement their classroom curriculum and empower students as they enter life after high school. Focusing on career planning is time well spent and can provide opportunities for teachers to connect with students, support the development of a growth mindset, and ease the anxiety students often face as they plan for post-secondary opportunities.  

Career Planning Supports SEL

In June 2019, the Department of Education and Workforce adopted the Social and Emotional Learning Standards. These standards encourage the development of self-awareness, goal-setting, and self-management skills. In her article, One Size Does Not Fit All, Ana Homayoun recognizes these skills as pivotal to supporting students as they transition from high school to career opportunities with ease. To learn more about how INFOhio resources can support social and emotional learning for students in grades 9-12, read this Teach With INFOhio Blog post. Confident in a growing sense of self-awareness, students can make the most of their high school experience by selecting the courses they need for career success using DEW's Career Connection Framework

What can high school teachers do?

Supported by the Department of Education and Workforce, the Career Connections Framework is a planning tool for districts to provide students with opportunities to develop realistic plans for their futures. Below is a list of suggested career activities for Grades 9-12 classrooms.  

Implementing Career Planning in the Classroom with INFOhio

According to Loup, Kornegay, and Morgan, educators can make career planning meaningful by providing students time to explore resources, practice employability skills, and share their learning with a larger audience. Let INFOhio help you streamline this process with our career exploration and planning resources. 

Career Collection

Allow students to explore trending topics in top career fields. EBSCO's Career Collection includes articles from trade and professional publications to support a variety of career exploration needs. Let your students learn from researchers, writers, and professionals in the field about the challenges, developments, and expanding opportunities available in business, medicine, and technology. 

STEM & Career eBooks (Gale)

Gale eBooks offer unlimited, simultaneous use ensuring each student in your class can use eBooks from this collection to explore career paths, plan for college, and chart a course for a successful transition from high school to post-secondary pursuits. Check out the eBook titles below to consider using to help students plan and prepare for post-secondary education and employment.

Engage students as they read each eBook with reflection questions and activities. Use the Gale eBooks Independent Book Study document to begin implementing eBooks in your classroom. 

Digital Video Collection

More than 1,700 videos on careers, science, and technology from Infobase's Learn360 platform have been purchased by INFOhio and added to the Digital Video Collection (DVC). Learn360 videos are standards-aligned, segmented, and downloadable. Videos can be shared with others, or added to a learning management system using the URL in the address bar. Search the DVC for videos on in-demand careers and learn more about the workplace and necessary training and skills from interviews with industry professionals. 

Looking for Career Planning Lesson Plans?

Open Space: Career Connections Collection

Discover freely available lesson plans, tools, and resources for bringing career planning into the classroom with the Career Connections Collection located on INFOhio's Open Space. The resources in this collection encourage students to research careers, develop employability skills, enlist in the service, or develop a plan for post-secondary employment. The learning material in this collection has been reviewed by the Ohio Department of Education's Office of Graduate Success and supports career-connected education of K-12 students. These resources have been grouped together to help educators locate materials for instruction, but this collection does not constitute an endorsement by the Ohio Department of Education. 


When students enter high school empowered with a growing sense of self-awareness, they can select classes and engage in meaningful career-planning activities that will support their career goals. But career planning activities can be just as rewarding for the educator. Educators can use classroom instruction time to illustrate the real-world applications and occupations of their classroom content. Educators can play a vital role in supporting students as they develop the employability skills needed for success in the workplace. As graduation day approaches, students can leave high school feeling confident and ready to embark on post-secondary study or enter the workforce with the same drive and energy to accomplish the career goals they started dreaming about in elementary school.

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Posted by: Mary Rowland

Mary Rowland is a Senior Instructional Specialist with INFOhio. A former high school English teacher with 14 years of teaching experience, Mary is an accomplished leader who facilitated professional development in her previous district on integrating web-based tools into the classroom, Google Apps for Education, and writing across the curriculum. During her career, Mary mentored student teachers and served on both the district and building leadership committees. She has earned a BA in English, an MS in Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and is a Google Certified Educator Level 2. Mary is passionate about supporting INFOhio’s mission to help Ohio’s educators integrate the tools and resources to strengthen education for Ohio’s students.

Mary Rowland
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