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Using Technology to Support the Five-Step Writing Process for All Learners

Webinar date: Wednesday, November 11 2015, 7:00 PM

There is no single reason that struggling writers struggle. The five-step writing process provides a natural scaffold that can allow any student to effectively organize information and ideas, and express them for an authentic audience. There are some great free technology tools that assist students with each phase of this process, taking advantage of student strengths while minimizing or eliminating the negative impact of barriers students encounter in traditional methods. This session will explore various reasons why students sometimes struggle to write; highlight the differences between communication, writing, and handwriting; and demonstrate some free tools that teachers can use in their classrooms to increase confidence and competence for all students. Michael will highlight some INFOhio resources as well.

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  • Michael Roush
    Technology Integration Specialist for area K-12 and Adjunct Professor of Education at Wilmington College

    Michael Roush

    Michael Roush specializes in educational technology, assistive technology, and Universal Design for Learning. Michael presently works for Forward Edge, LLC, as a Technology Integration Specialist for area K-12’s, and serves as an Adjunct Professor of Education for Wilmington College. Michael previously worked for over 10 years providing school improvement and special education consulting with the Hopewell Center and Ohio Region 14 State Support Team. Michael and his wife, Angie, live in rural southwestern Ohio. They have four adult children, two in elementary school, and one grandson. Michael’s passion in education is helping every student learn to be able to define and achieve what the highest level of success means for them.


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