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Find News Literacy Project in Open Space

Written by // Matt Yauk Friday, 09 February 2024

Resources from the News Literacy Project have been added to Open Space. These 46 new instructional materials focus on information and media literacy and feature 19 lesson plans and 27 other infographics, posters, guides, and quizzes.

Find News Literacy Project in Open Space

Inquiry and INFOhio: Evaluating Information

Written by // Mary Rowland Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Learning how to effectively evaluate information is not only an inquiry skill—it is a life skill. Whether evaluating an apartment lease contract, selecting the best post-secondary program and school, or deciding which candidate to vote for in an election, students today will need to evaluate messages, media, print, and visual text throughout their adult lives to make informed decisions. 

Inquiry and INFOhio: Evaluating Information

Let's Get Real About Fake News

Written by // INFOhio Staff Friday, 20 November 2020

In the years before the internet became the first place everyone began their research, school and academic librarians spent countless hours teaching students from elementary school through graduate school how to read newspaper articles and magazines critically, looking for bias or political leaning. It's not enough to teach students to read for bias anymore. Even many college students have difficulty determining whether what they're looking at on the screen is a personal website, a newspaper article published by a reputable news source, an opinion piece in an academic journal, or a research study. Now, along with helping students understand the differences between information sources and examining them for bias, we must help students figure out if the information sources they've found online are even real.

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