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Where can I get help using the INFOhio electronic resources?

Click the More Info, or "i" button, in the upper right corner of a resource box and view the Training & Support section.

Do users need to log into the INFOhio website or resources?

Since INFOhio provides access to licensed content, access to some resources. But we've made access easier than ever for Ohio users. When users visit the INFOhio site, here's what happens behind the scenes in just a second or two:

  1. We check to see if we recognize the user's IP address. If we do, we will log the user in with her school username/password.
  2. If we don't recognize the IP address, we'll check a cookie to see what school the user logged in with last and will log the user in with that school username/password.
  3. If we don't recognize the IP address and there's no cookie, we use geo-athentication to determine if the user is currently in Ohio. If so, the user will be logged in with the statewide username/password.

How do I get a password to access INFOhio resources from home?

Students and teachers can ask their school library staff for their username and password or they can contact INFOhio Support.

Employees of Ohio schools can request that INFOhio establish a username and password specific to their school system.

How do I register my school system's IP address?

If you notice that when you visit the INFOhio website from school, you aren’t automatically recognized by IP, you can contact us at support.infohio.org so we can update the IP ranges for your district.

Please provide the following information when you contact INFOhio Support:

  • School system name and IRN
  • Regional Information Technology Center (ITC)
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) and its contact information
  • IP addresses you wish to register. Note: IP addresses must be dedicated to your school system and cannot be shared with other customers of your ISP.

What URLs should I use if I want to link to INFOhio resources in my learning management system or from my school's website?

Use our list of recommended URLs to bookmark INFOhio resources in the INFOhio Resources URL List.

What search widgets or apps associated with INFOhio resources and services can I use on my school's website?

Search Widgets are available in INFOhio's Educator Tools. You can also find a list here.

What domains should be excluded from Security Software, Firewalls, Caches and Filters?

To avoid problems that result from security, filtering or caching technologies improperly processing pages, INFOhio recommends that network administrators at the Information Technology Centers and building/district level exclude domains from filters and caching. These same domains might also apply to security software and personal firewalls on local computers and should be identified as trusted sites.


  • Bkflix.grolier.com
  • delvenetworks.com
  • limelight.digital.scholastic.com
  • scholastic.fcod.llnwd.net
  • scholastic.vo.llnwd.net
  • limelight.digital.scholastic.com
  • *.llnw.net
  • assets.delvenetworks.com
  • sdm-bkflix.digital.scholastic.com


  • FAQ for the EBSCO domains for Firewalls, Proxy Servers, and Whitelists
  • The following are the most important for INFOhio users specifically:
    • www.ebscohost.com
    • web.ebscohost.com
    • search.ebscohost.com
    • imageserver.ebscohost.com
    • content.ebscohost.com
    • exports.ebscohost.com
    • therapy.ebscohost.com
    • support.ebscohost.com
    • eds.a.ebscohost.com
    • eds.b.ebscohost.com


  • *.infohio.org
  • ezproxy.infohio.org:
  • mediast.infohio.org:

Literature Online:

  • *.ohiolink.edu

Special note: OhioLINK requires that INFOhio use a proxy server to access their resources. Your networking staff should be asked to allow access to ezproxy.infohio.org server ( Ports 2048 through 2248, skipping 2049).

Science Online:

  • *.fofweb.com

World Book Web:

  • *.worldbookonline.com
  • *.worldbook.com
  • worldbook.planetasaber.com
  • *.worldlingo.com
  • *.edgate.com
  • 208.116.131.*

Please note: Some districts subscribe to additional security/filtering services such as Securly which have whitelists of their own. Please encourage your districts to share the IPs and domains listed above with their security/filtering provider(s).

What multimedia tools and web browser plug-ins are recommended for the INFOhio Resources?

The tools recommended for the resources varies greatly. You can find system and software requirements for individual resources in the Training & Support section of a resource's More Info page. The following multimedia tools and plug-ins are frequently used in INFOhio resources and tools:

  • Java
  • QuickTime with Flip4Mac
  • Real Media Player
  • Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft's QuickTime WMV Component (Flip4Mac)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

Most INFOhio Resources work fine, but I cannot get access to some of them. What might be wrong?

Here are some suggestions / questions you can address that will aid in resolving the problem:

  • Make sure you are going through the INFOhio website (http://www.infohio.org/) to access the INFOhio's electronic resources. If the website you are using to get access to the INFOhio Electronic Resources uses frames, it is important that the INFOhio sites be open in a new window or new tab. Many of the resources rely on referring URLs for authentication and the use of frames on a webpage does not allow for the referring URLs to be used properly.
  • Try a variety of the INFOhio electronic resources and identify which are working and which are not.
  • If prompted for a username/password, what URL is shown in the address box of your Web browser? Please share this information with your regional ITC INFOhio Support staff and with the INFOhio Webmaster.
  • Frequently Internet security software or firewall software will prevent computers from fully communicating with the websites visited by users. This can interfere with the authentication for some of the electronic resources. Most of these applications include a "Trusted Zones" or "Trusted Sites" feature where one can specify those sites that are appropriate for full communication. If using either of these types of applications, be certain that the IP addresses/domains listed in the "domains to be excluded from Security Software, Firewalls, Caches and Filters" portion of this Web page is reflected as "Trusted Sites" or "Trused Zones" on your list.
  • If you experience problems getting authenticated with Literature Online the most common source of the problem is a filter that is blocking access to the ezproxy.infohio.org server. OhioLINK hosts these resources for Ohio and requires that INFOhio use a proxy server to access the resources. Contact the person responsible for the filter used on your network and ask that they allow access to the ezproxy.infohio.org server.
  • If you are experiencing problems getting access to a resources where you are caught in a "loop", the most likely reason is that they are trying to access the INFOhio Electronic Resources from a page using frames or their computer's clock is incorrect.
  • If you experience problems getting authenticated with BookFlix, the most common source of the problem is a security application installed on the computer being used. BookFlix relies on the use of Referring URL's that can be blocked by security applications. If a security application is installed INFOhio will be limited in the assistance that can be provided to alter the configuration of the software. Most security applications allow for a list of "trusted sites" to be specified.
  • Try to clear the cache and the cookies from your machine, while on a page other than the page prompting for the username/password.
    • Using Internet Explorer: "Tools" menu, "Internet Options" option, "General" tab (across top of pop-up window), "Delete Cookies..." and "Delete Files..."
    • Using Mozilla FireFox: "Edit" menu, "Preferences..." option, Select the "+" next to "Advanced" category, Select the "Cache" sub-category, On the right side of the pop-up window, select the buttons labeled "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache"
  • If you experience problems with a resource where you can use the site for a few moments but are then "knocked off," your machine is not allowing cookies to be stored. This could be caused by security software installed on your computer, but might also be caused by a Web browser setting:
    • Using Internet Explorer: "Tools" menu, "Internet Options" option, "Security" tab (across top of pop-up window), "Custom level..." button (may not be an option on some versions of IE), Set to "Medium"
    • Using Mozilla Firefox: "Edit" menu, "Preferences..." option, Select the "Advanced" category, On the right side of the pop-up window, select the option to "Accept all cookies" or "Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server"
    • If you have multiple Web browsers on the machine, is the problem experienced on both Web browsers, or is one of them functioning as desired.

If none of the suggestions above resolve the problem, please provide the following information to the INFOhio Support and to the INFOhio Provider of your regional ITC for further investigation:

  • The supplier of your Internet connectivity (your ISP)
  • The configuration of your Web browser and Internet access
  • The operating system you are using
  • The Web browser you are using including the version number (found by using the "About" option in the "Help" menu)

Where can I find logos and graphics for INFOhio?

Logos and Graphics are available in INFOhio's Educator Tools. You can also find a list here.

I need help troubleshooting SirsiDynix WorkFlows.

Most technical questions related to SirsiDynix WorkFlows are addressed in the WorkFlows Handbook. Review the Setup section when installing the software on a workstation, which includes the WorkFlows Troubleshooting Checklist. If you need additional help, contact the INFOhio Provider at your ITC.


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