WorkFlows Handbook

WorkFlows Handbook


This section includes documentation for BLUEcloud products found in the BLUEcloud Learning Pathway.


This section contains guides for doing item maintenance, basic and advanced cataloging, cataloging with templates, and using authority headings.


This section contains guides for all regular and special circulation tasks, item search and status, user maintenance, and holds.

Patron Access

This section contains guides for teaching patrons to use ISearch and Fetch.


This section contains guides for setting and running many useful reports. Visit the link below for library staff favorite reports.

Report Favorites

This section contains guides for setting and running those reports that are favorites among library staff.


This section details items that need to be understood or completed as part of the initial setup to prepare a new user or workstation for running the WorkFlows client.

Special Tasks

This section has guides for using Offline Circulation, performing an Inventory, working with Circulation Sets, and options for Library Attendance.

Video Tutorials

This section contains brief video tutorials that clarify processing and wizard steps and functions.

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Fetch - Library Catalog Search

Fetch is avaiable to INFOhio automated schools. If you are an INFOhio school, please log in with your school username/password using the button at the top-left corner of this page.

For more information about Fetch, please visit the Fetch information page or contact INFOhio support at