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Building Relationships to Take Technology Integration Deeper

Webinar date: Thursday, September 21 2017, 3:30 PM

Are you struggling to integrate technology to support initiatives such as 1:1 or blended learning and meet the new technology standards? The task of integrating technology into instruction goes far beyond knowing how to use a wide variety of technology tools for teaching and learning, and sometimes it can be really hard. This webinar will discuss relationship-building strategies and tech integration models that will ultimately take technology integration deeper in your classroom or library.

Join tech integration guru Katie Siemer as she shares accessible and practical ways to take technology integration deeper in education.

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  • Katie Siemer
    Director of Curriculum and Technology Integration

    Katie Siemer

    I began my career working at the university level in adult education and the President's Office, while also working with 7th-12th grade students with behavioral issues in an alternative school. I have served as the Director of Educational Technology for a private, 1:1 high school and also at the district level as an instructional technology and web specialist for a low-income, public school district in Ohio. My passion for technology in education brought me to Forward Edge, where I oversee the C and I team. I work closely with our customers' Curriculum Directors, Principals and even Technology Directors to help them identify needs of their staff, plan PD and implement the PD with teachers. Currently, I also serve as the Outgoing President of the EdTech Coaches Network for ISTE, Co-Leader of GEG Ohio and I am a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer.


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