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Read More in 2024: Pleasure Reading eBooks from INFOhio

Author // Sarah Mowery Tuesday, 09 January 2024

Is your New Year's resolution to read more in 2024? What about motivating K-12 students to read more? Motivating students to read can be a difficult task. Use these motivational strategies from Brandt, Sharp, and Gardner (2021) as a guide to enhance literacy in your classroom and find pleasure-reading favorites for your students with INFOhio eBook collections. 

  1. Choice—Give students a choice in what they read based on their interests.
  2. Collaboration—Enjoy lively discussions about books and literacy in your classroom to captivate students' attention.
  3. Challenge—Provide students with optimal-level learning tasks that include scaffolding.
  4. Authenticity—Share titles that relate to students and the world around them.
  5. Technology—Motivate students by giving options for reading in print or using technology.
  6. Proximal Rewards—Engage students with author visits or read-a-thons to spark intrinsic motivation to continue to read.

The motivational strategies cited in the article support the use of high-interest eBooks, like the ones purchased by INFOhio. Giving students reading choices based on their interests, challenging students with above-grade-level content, providing authentic topics, and using technology are all ways to continue to engage students and motivate them to read, and can be offered using the INFOhio eBook collections. 

Browse the series of favorite topics below to engage students in reading for pleasure. Quality text from eBook collections provided by INFOhio not only supports knowledge-building, and vocabulary development to enhance curriculum, but it can also engage readers with high-interest topics such as animal battles, mythical creatures, sports, and unexplained phenomena. These topics fly off library shelves! If these types of series and topics are constantly being checked out from your school or classroom library, share these links to these popular eBooks. These purchased eBook titles are simultaneous access and unlimited use. 

Battle of the Fittest


Animal Battles

Which animal will win? Share this Animal Battles series from World Book eBooks with students in grades 3-6 who love science, nature, and learning about the world. Here are just a few from this series: 


Bug Wars

Which bug will win? Share this Bug Wars series from Capstone Interactive eBooks with students in grades 3-6 and encourage collaboration with prereading discussions to brainstorm about which bug will win and why. The titles in this series include:


Fantastical Creatures

Discover monsters and fantastical and cryptic creatures in the following series: Abnormal Field Guides to Cryptic Creatures and Mythical Creatures from World Book eBooks

Abnormal Field Guides to Cryptic Creatures


Mythical Creatures


Popular sports titles can be found in World Book eBooks, Capstone Interactive eBooks, and Professional Learning and Student eBooks from EBSCO. Share these authentic titles to show students about the world around them. 




Each book in this Influential People series from Capstone includes an activity. Challenge your students to complete the activity individually or as a group. In this example, the activity challenges students to imagine if they could create their own school as Lebron James did.


Sports Championships

Sports Teams



Unexplained Phenomena

Reading about mysteries from around the world can be an engaging topic for students. Share these World Book eBooks with students who like mysteries and reading scary stories. 

The Unexplained



Scary Places

Video Games

Gaming is popular with many students. Share these engaging titles from EBSCO with students who like to game. 



Explore eBook collections from INFOhio to find titles to support readers with specific topics, seasons, and events all year long. With thousands of eBooks to choose from, quality text to keep students motivated, and engaged in reading is just a few clicks away. 

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Posted by: Sarah Mowery

Sarah Mowery is a Professional Instructional Specialist with INFOhio. She has worked in education for 16 years as a school librarian and technology coach in elementary and middle school settings. While in these roles, she's been an integral part of the building leadership teams working as a curriculum connector and integrating web-based tools. She earned a BA in Sociology from Bowling Green State University and an MLS with a specialization in PK-12 schools from East Carolina University. Sarah was one of the original INFOhio ICoaches when the program first began in 2013 and has a passion for sharing how INFOhio resources can transform teaching and impact learning for students and educators across the state of Ohio. 

Sarah Mowery
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