INFOhio Needs Your Help! Restore $1.1M for Digital Content to FY14-15 Level!

In the proposed FY18-19 budget, the $1.1 million funding INFOhio lost in FY16-17 was not restored. Without it, INFOhio cannot fund BookFlix, Storia, World Book, Science Online, Ancestry Library Edition, or any EBSCO databases.

What happened?  Click here to view more/less...

How can you help? Share how INFOhio works for you in 3 easy steps!

1. Update your administrators!   Contact your district administrators and let them know that your district will be losing these valuable resources. Let them know how the loss will impact student learning.

2. Contact your legislators!  Call and send letters to your state representative and state senator, asking them to restore the $1.1 million for INFOhio in line 465. Find your legislators' contact information using the box on this page.

Need help starting your message to your legislators? Click here to view message starters.

3. Organize others to contact their legislators!  Ask teachers, students, and parents to send positive messages to their state representatives and state senators.

INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library, provides free access to digital educational content to all Ohio PreK-12 schools—public, private, traditional, online, and home schools—serving 1.9 million students, their families, and their teachers. INFOhio is a contributing partner to Libraries Connect Ohio, which provides a core collection of information resources and library services that help all Ohioans compete in the global knowledge economy. This collection of resources supports quality education, a skilled workforce, business growth, and lifelong learning in Ohio. Through our shared services model, the Libraries Connect Ohio partners cost-effectively provide necessary information resources to all Ohioans, regardless of their location, age, education, or economic status.

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