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Learn the Value of INFOhio By the Numbers

From the classroom to the kitchen table, INFOhio provides equitable access to digital resources for students, teachers, and families across Ohio. Remote, blended, hybrid, or face-to-face with INFOhio, learning never stops! INFOhio uses funds to support PreK-12 students as they learn and grow with digital content. INFOhio's robust collection of digital resources bolster early learning and literacy in the classroom and on the go. Take a look at how #INFOhioWorks for Ohio's students, teachers, and families. 

Discover How #INFOhioWorks For You By the Numbers

Learn how #INFOhioWorks for Ohio's students, teachers, and families. Check out INFOhio: By the Numbers. Share this information with your legislators.

INFOhio: By the Numbers

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INFOhio, Ohio's PreK-12 digital library, provides free access to digital educational content to all Ohio PreK-12 schools—public, nonpublic, community, career tech, e-school, and home schools—serving 1.7 million students, their families, and their teachers. INFOhio is a contributing partner to Libraries Connect Ohio, which provides a core collection of information resources and library services that help all Ohioans compete in a global knowledge economy. 

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