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In the initial release of Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse (September 2018), the evidence-based strategies included are those that have been previously reviewed and rated by existing clearinghouses.

Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse uses REL Midwest’s ESSA Clearinghouse Crosswalk to align ratings from existing clearinghouses to ESSA evidence standards.

  • Multiple studies were combined to determine if an evidence-based strategy met the large sample threshold.
  • In cases where an evidence-based strategy is rated by more than one clearinghouse, Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse connects practitioners to the clearinghouse that includes the most evidence associated with the strategy. For example, if one clearinghouse includes five references associated with an evidence-based strategy and a second clearinghouse includes seven references, Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse will connect practitioners to the clearinghouse that included seven references.
  • Not all clearinghouses within the REL Crosswalk are contained in the ESSA Clearinghouse.

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