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INFOhio provides an integrated library system with a suite of products and tools to provide the best library user experience for Ohio’s PreK-12 students and teachers. The materials below are for anyone automated with INFOhio or considering automating with INFOhio and using SirsiDynix, INFOhio's integrated library system software.

Learn more about the BLUEcloud Library Services Platform with this flyer.

Make the most of the applications in the BLUEcloud Library Services Platform by completing the classes in INFOhio's BLUEcloud Learning Pathway.

INFOhio delivers support for its integrated library system through INFOhio Providers at each local ITC. Most ITCs have additional planning guides to assist their customers, including any specific equipment recommendations.

INFOhio Supports Remote Learning

If you are wondering what administrative library tasks you can and should do while schools are meeting remotely, please visit the section below on Library Administration During Remote Learning and contact your INFOhio Provider.

For more information on how INFOhio supports remote learning, please see Keep Calm and Carry On with INFOhio.

Resources for Schools Automated with INFOhio


Weeding Tips

Library Administration During Remote Learning

If you are wondering what administrative library tasks you can and should do while schools are meeting remotely, contact your INFOhio Provider. Your INFOhio Provider can help you with these tasks and more! To learn more about each of these items, please click the link:

  • Closed Dates & Due Dates
  • Suspending Reports
  • Installing and Using WorkFlows at Home
  • Using This Time for Inventory
  • Collection Development and Weeding
  • Using the BLUEcloud Learning Pathway
  • Enhancing Records with Mitinet
  • Linking to INFOhio Resources
  • Logging Into the INFOhio Website

Closed Dates & Due Dates

All schools will be closed through May 1 and some schools may be planning to extend the closure. Please let your ITC Provider know the dates your school district will be closed.

You might also be inclined to request that your Provider change due dates of items currently checked out. While your Provider can make that change on your behalf, it would be better to wait until you know with certainty when your school will reopen.

Suspending Reports

Running reports is part of our daily routine, but some reports should be suspended promptly. In particular, reports that generate overdue notices and reports that impact holds should be suspended.

To suspend any of your own reports, including overdues and notices, you can do the following:

Go to the Scheduled Reports within WorkFlows, select the Suspend… option. Select all reports to be suspended. You will notice that the scheduled report is then boldfaced to indicate it is suspended. When ready to resume the report, you can again go to Scheduled Reports but this time select the suspended report before selecting Advanced… where you will have an opportunity to unsuspend the report and set the next time the report is to run. Brief instructions are also included in the Schedule Reports guide in the WorkFlows Handbook. You can contact your INFOhio Provider to assist you with this process as well.

Even if your school system does not regularly use holds, your INFOhio Provider will still have some holds-related reports running on their administrative side, including those that expire holds. To help prioritize tasks, please let your Provider know promptly if your school system uses holds functionality and your Provider will suspend holds-related reports accordingly.

Installing and Using WorkFlows at Home

School systems are each establishing their own guidelines in regard to whether school staff can be in the building. If asked to work from home, can you use WorkFlows on your home PC or Mac? The answer is Yes!

To install WorkFlows on your home computer, do the following:

  1. Go to this page of the INFOhio WorkFlows Handbook.
  2. Look for the INSTALLATION column where you will find Installation instructions.
  3. Click the version you need (Mac or PC).
    a. Click the Download link to download the WorkFlows installation files.
    b. There is also an accompanying Guide with step-by-step instructions.
  4. When you install you will also need to know the following:
    a. IP Address (server name):
    b. Port number: contact your Provider for this
    c. Your username and password
  5. Finally, if you need to print barcode labels don't forget to download and install the Free3of9.ttf barcode font from this same handbook page.

Using This Time for Inventory

You might find this to be a good time to do an inventory of your collections.

Instructions for conducting an inventory are provided on the Special Tasks section of the WorkFlows Handbook:

Please note that the “Inventory – Step 2 – Scan Items” strongly recommends the use of MobileCirc. If you have not yet used MobileCirc, be advised that it has its own access / activation instructions, which are included in the BLUEcloud section of the WorkFlows handbook. Contact your INFOhio Provider for you activation information.

Collection Development and Weeding

Whether you have been asked to stay home or are permitted to be in the school, you might consider reviewing your collection:

  • Which titles are not circulating and deserve to be promoted when students return, or possibly weeded? 
  • Which titles have been used so often that acquiring additional copies is justified?
  • How many items do you have that are considered LOST or in REPAIR?
  • Which items on the shelves do not have an associated price?

There are a number of entries in the Favorite Reports section of the WorkFlows handbook that can assist with answering these questions. Take a few moment to review them here.

If you have any questions about which reports might best meet your needs, do not hesitate to reach out to your INFOhio Provider. 

Using the BLUEcloud Learning Pathway

Have you had an opportunity to explore the BLUEcloud interface? If you have some downtime, explore all of the INFOhio Learning Pathways that are part of INFOhio Campus, including the BLUEcloud Learning Pathway.

The BLUEcloud Learning Pathway includes classes on Circulation and Cataloging (with an ISearch class coming soon!).

As you explore the learning pathway and are ready to give BLUEcloud a try with your own database, contact your INFOhio provider to request set up and access to the BLUEcloud environment.

If you do not have time available but are interested in learning more about the experiencing the BLUEcloud suite of products, consider reviewing the flyer available here.

Enhancing Records with Mitinet

Some schools subscribe to Mitinet services to enhance their library catalogs. The service improves bibliographic records by adding reading program information, national and Ohio award notes, and appropriate subject headings. This, in turn, makes the records more discoverable when using the online catalog.

To be effective this service requires that library staff refrain from editing catalog records in the library system while the records are exported, sent to Mitinet for enhancement, and later updated—a process that takes can take a couple of days to complete. If the work in the library system has been paused, it presents an opportunity for your records to be enhanced through this Mitinet processing.

If your school subscribes to this service, contact your INFOhio Provider to determine which dates your catalog records will be static so they can move forward with the process.

If your school system does not currently subscribe to the service but your are interested, please reach out to your Provider for details regarding features and pricing.

Linking to INFOhio Resources

To use most INFOhio resources, students need to start with the INFOhio website so they can be properly authenticated. To link to specific INFOhio resources on a school website, use the URLs you see on INFOhio's Resource Links page. If you are helping colleagues with links, please point them to INFOhio's Resource Links page rather than pointing colleagues directly to LMS links that contain "passthru" in the string. LMS links may not behave as expected.

Logging Into the INFOhio Website

Most students will not need to manually log into the INFOhio website from home; we can log most Ohio users in automatically using cookies and geolocation. However, to help those users who may be using a mobile device or security software that does not allow IP recognition, share your district's INFOhio username and password with students and parents. For students receiving print materials, consider printing your INFOhio username and password on these customizable labels and sticking them on papers or devices your students will be using at home.

If you don't know your district's INFOhio username and password, you can look it up here:

INFOhio has additional staff responding to username and password requests during this time. Username and password requests are automatically generated when a user tries to log in and isn't automatically recognized.

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