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The ISearch widget is the recommended option for embedding a search box on a library or school webpage. The ISearch widget may not function properly when embedded in some LMSs. If you experience a problem when using the ISearch widget embed code, try obtaining a new widget code from the ISearch widget generator. As an alternative, if your school library uses INFOhio automation, you can find your library landing page at, copy the URL associated with your school library, and link to that URL within your LMS or on your website.

Please complete the form below. As you complete the form, you may look at the preview window on the right to see what your widget will look like. Once you're finished, copy/paste the code in the 'Widget Code' box for use on your own site.

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Website Widget:
The widget code below will work best on web pages. For a widget that will work within your LMS, see LMS Widget below.

Google Classroom:
Coming soon.

LMS LTI Widget:
Add the ISearch widget to your LMS as an External Tool or an LTI Tool by using the following URL. Additional notes are provide for some popular LMS applications below.
Schoology: In your Schoology class, click to add materials. Select External Tool. You will need to fill in the LTI URL field using the URL shown above.
Canvas: No additional notes available at this time.
Blackboard: No additional notes available at this time.
Abre: No additional notes available at this time.
Other: Some LMS platforms permit standard web site embed codes. Try using the Website Widget coding shown above. Some LMS platforms require adding an LTI Provider before you can use the LTI links. If requested by your LMS, use "" as the LTI domain.
Please contact if you have any questions.

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