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ICoach: INFOhio's Certified ICoach Program

Looking for professional development support? INFOhio sponsors a regional ICoach team and district/building ICoach team that can help you with your professional development needs.

Regional ICoach

The INFOhio regional Certified ICoach trains classroom teachers and other educators to use INFOhio resources effectively while helping them to integrate INFOhio into their classrooms. Each of Ohio's 16 state support regions has at least one ICoach.

  • The INFOhio ICoach encourages educators to develop 21st century instructional strategies through utilizing INFOhio resources.
  • Each ICoach will conduct training sessions for educators that deepen understanding of the instructional usage of INFOhio's electronic tools and resources, INFOhio’s connection to the Ohio Learning Standards as well as focusing on literacy, college and career readiness and technology innovation.
  • Hands-on experiences will be encouraged.
  • The ICoach will endeavor to work with building/district professional development committees to tailor training sessions to meet the needs of those being trained.

If an ICoach can support your building/district's instructional development efforts, please contact an ICoach that serves your region for availability and applicable fees.

Find Your Regional ICoach

Use the ICoach Directory or click the "Find Regional ICoach" map on this page to locate an ICoach near you.

District/Building ICoach Program

Find a District/Building ICoach near you

The INFOhio District/Building ICoach trains teachers within their building or district to use INFOhio digital resources effectively while helping them to integrate INFOhio into their classrooms. District/Building ICoach applications are now closed until Fall 2018. If you have questions about the program or are interested in applying in the fall and would like to receive an early invitation to apply, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To the District/Building ICoach

  • Certification as an authorized INFOhio trainer after completion of required training that can be used to demonstrate professional learning growth.
  • First notification about INFOhio tools and resources updates.
  • Connection to the online learning community of INFOhio trainers to share ideas and training resources.

To the District

  • Access to a local trainer for professional development on INFOhio tools and resources.
  • Ease of scheduling with a local trainer for professional development.
  • Knowledge growth through sharing in the online learning community for INFOhio trainers.