Tips for Educators

The resources found on the INFOhio Early Learning Portal are intended for little learners ages three through five. Please consider the tips below to help you maximize using technology for learning.

  1. Test the resource before you use it with students. Make sure the resources and devices work properly before the lesson.
  2. Use the resources in a whole group where students take turns, interact, and share during learning.
  3. Model the use of the technology before asking students to use it alone. Show them how to navigate through the resource, engage with the content, and complete a task for maximum learning.
  4. Use the resources for intervention. The standards document provides one or more resources to use for each of the Ohio Early Learning Standards.
  5. When possible, interact one-on-one with students while using the resources. Talk about what they are learning and what they like about it.
  6. Extend the activity, content, or experience from the resource into the classroom. Sing the songs, mimic the play, and talk more about the subject from resources
  7. Use the educator resources available with many of the apps and sites.  Many have lesson plans, downloadable activity sheets, and teaching strategies.
  8. Learn more about SAMR to help integrate technology into the learning environment.
  9. Check out the INFOhio Best Practices for Reading Online document for helpful strategies and lesson plans for online text.
  10. Share the resources with parents. Use this handout to let them know more about the INFOhio Early Learning Portal and the skills and resources to support individual learners. Need a quick guide for literacy support at home? Use the literacy handout with prefilled reading skills and resources to help beginning readers.

For more information, check these books and websites.

Tap, Click, Read by Lisa Guernsey and Michael H. Levine. Published by Josey-Bass, 2015

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