This app lets the learner trace upper and lower case letters while the letter's sound is spoken. It has a "touch the letter" game to reinforce letter recognition. 


This app includes storytelling tools to draw, color, tell, and share. Work with colorful backgrounds and characters. Children record or write a story on their own or with an adult. Save the story or drawing and share with friends.  


This website and app relies on a child's artwork or photos and imagination to create a book.  

This website lets children write their own book. Children can imagine a story and develop the plot using actions and words.  

The Kid Lit TV website has videos that model simple drawing techniques to recreate book characters. Children learn how to make simple shapes to draw like book illustrators.  


This website and app gets children ready to read!  Children learn letters and the sounds they make in a colorful, interactive environment.  


This website lets children and adults create their own books. View books online or purchase printed copies.  


This app offers a variety of activities for a child to complete and share with parents or friends. Explore, create, and share by completing challenges. 

This website helps little learners find out about the world, animals, and nature. Use the children’s encyclopedia. Then, learn more with images, eBooks, games, and videos. Some titles available in Spanish. 

For additional information and resources, please visit Bold Beginning.