This online game lets children compare shapes. Pick the right size to make the balance beam level.  


This website and app includes daily math stories for families to solve. Stories based on a fun fact or current event challenge young learners to adults.  


This activity lets little learners practice computer skills through art. Paint, draw, stamp, splat, and spray designs with no mess or cleanup. Save or print creations.  


This app lets early learners touch the screen to learn shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. Fish matching and sorting is designed to help develop memory and problem solving.  


This website lets children sort and count colorful balls of fuzz. They will also learn least/most, big/small, and top/bottom.  

These cards from Sesame Street teach math terms such as inside and outside, between, and in front. Available in Spanish.  


This app lets little learners count, add, subtract, sort, and identify patterns. Children will use fine motor skills to move animal characters on the virtual playground.  

This website has video clips and games that teach children to problem solve.  They will learn to think about numbers and math concepts. 

This site has downloadable guides for adults that provide tips to help support children's development in areas such as language, art, science, and play. Available in Spanish.  


This app encourages critical thinking and creativity in learners. Kids match and rearrange geometric shapes and designs. 


This game helps children learn geometry skills. They can match shapes in a fun construction zone.  

This website has nonfiction eBooks for beginning readers. Diverse topics will engage children from all backgrounds. 

For additional information and resources, please visit Bold Beginning.