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Begin Assessment: What's New Webinar - Dec 13, 2017 (5 Questions)
What new grade band has been added to the INFOhio home page?
  Ages 3-5 Early Learning
  Early Learning
  PreK Ages 3-5
If a student at home wants to login with their school login, what should they do?
  Click LOGIN on the main menu and then click SWITCH LOGIN
  Click LOGOUT and then login with the school username and password
  Close the browser and reopen it. Geolocation will log the user in with their school login.
  None of the above. Schools don't have INFOhio logins.
What is the name of the Early Learning Portal's mascot?
  Happy Flappy
  Early Bird
What software has been selected to build a new location for ITC Docs and other provider materials?
  Google Docs
What are Learn It Clips?
  New educational videos available in the DVC
  A new subscription INFOhio is making available to Ohio students, parents and teachers.
  Short training videos covering a specific task or topic within the Workflows handbook
  Videos for young leaners ages 3-5 available in the Early Learning Portal

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