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EBSCOhost Custom Search Box Generator

Use thisĀ HTML Generator to create an EBSCOhost search box. In Step 2, select Cookie, Patron ID, and IP Address. Also, specify infohio when prompted for the Cust ID.

The following is a list of the EBSCOhost databases to which INFOhio has access:

  • Academic Search Premier (aph)
  • Alt HealthWatch (awh)
  • Biography Reference Bank (brb)
  • Business Source Premier (buh)
  • Computer Source (cph)
  • Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost (c9h)
  • ERIC (eric)
  • Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia (funk)
  • GreenFILE (8gh)
  • Health Source - Consumer Edition (hxh)
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition (hch)
  • Literary Reference Center (lfh)
  • MAS Ultra - School Edition (ulh)
  • MasterFILE Premier (f5h)
  • MEDLINE (cmedm)
  • Middle Search Plus (mih)
  • Newspaper Source (nfh)
  • Newswires (nsm)
  • Points of View Reference Center(pwh)
  • Primary Search (prh)
  • Professional Development Collection (tfh)
  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (pbh)
  • Regional Business News (bwh)
  • Religion and Philosophy Collection (rlh)
  • Science Reference Center (sch)
  • Sociological Collection (slh)
  • TOPICsearch (tth)
  • Vocational and Career Collection (voh)

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