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Begin Assessment: LWI20120322 (5 Questions)
How many anchor stands are there said to be for the English Language arts?
  8 - 10
  10 - 12
  4 - 5
  12 - 14
Who developed the Common Core Crosswalked mentioned in this webinar?
  The state Library of Ohio
How many areas are there on the GO! INFOhio site?
The INFOhio electronic resources in the How do I find Valid Information section are?
  Divided by the most and least used
  Divided by students and teachers by subject area
  Listed alphabetically
  Listed by their value
Where are you told you can you find the flier about Go! INFOhio: Act Ask Achieve?
  By contacting your Library media Specialist
  The INFOhio Homepage
  The INFOhio Sirsi Handbook
  The INFOhio Document Library or the Teachers Guide

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