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Answer these questions to check your understanding of Develop Your Research Toolkit.  You must complete 4 of the 5 questions correctly to pass.

Begin Assessment: Develop Your Research Toolkit (5 Questions)
Which of the following is incorrect in completing this statement: Students should learn how to use databases because:
  the material is reading level appropriate.
  databases are not searchable using a search engine like Google.
  the information is realiable and of high quality.
  it is easy to find answers to their research questions.
Which of these tools provide research process support?
  IMatrix, R4S, Go
  ISearch, Explora
  Literary Reference Center
  IWonder, Points of View
What is the correct sequence in the research process?
  Locating, Questioning, Evaluating, Sharing, Applying, Reflecting
  Questioning, Reflecting, Evaluating, Locating, Applying, Sharing
  Reflecting, Applying, Locating, Evaluating, Questioning, Sharing
  Questioning, Locating, Evaluating, Applying, Sharing, Reflecting
Complete this sentence. IMatrix is a tool that:
  provides access to information puzzles with a matrix of materials and resources
  helps students learn inquiry skills through online lessons.
  provides a process to answer questions quickly.
  helps teachers meet inquiry standards with instruction and assessment.
What is the difference between researching and reporting?
  A report is short. Research is long.
  A report uses one source. Research uses many sources.
  A report gives the facts. Research develops new knowledge.
  They are the same.

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