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Begin Assessment: Be the Change You Want to See (5 Questions)
There are many ways that our roles as teacher librarians are changing. Which of the following is NOT a way they are changing?
  Social media guru
  Leader in the curriculum
  Collaborator to all
  Lunch supervisor
The space is changing within our libraries. Which of the following is NOT a way to get your students excited about the change?
  Move comfortable setting areas into your library
  Put a sign on the door that says “Quiet in the library!”
  Create a space that can be flexible
  Add things to promote creativity and thinking
Also, the collections within our libraries are changing. What is one way that they are NOT changing?
  Makerspaces are being added to libraries
  Audio books are available in platforms such as Tales2Go.
  Books are available in eBook format as well as print.
  VHS and cassette tapes can finally be checked out.
Last but not least, the VOICE within libraries and throughout education is changing. What is the voice that needs to be heard?
  The voice of teachers.
  The voice of students.
  The voice of administrators.
  The voice of parents.
hen you reflect on Shannon’s presentation, what is one thing that you might give a try this year in the library?
  Skype with one of your students favorite authors
  Ask teachers to meet up for coffee and a little collaboration session
  Start a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for our library
  Put up signs with rules... reminding them to not move the furniture around.

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