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Begin Assessment: December 2016 INFOhio What's New Webinar (5 Questions)
If you're doing a call number selection on a report, is it best to use the criteria of "equal" or "a range"
  A Range
What’s the fastest way to the spinning wheel problem with scheduling reports?
  Change permissions
  Update workflows and restart twice
  Go Home
  Uninstall/reinstall workflows
What's in the First Release of BC Circ?
  Catalog Search
  Check Out
  Check In
  Place title-level and copy/item holds, View holds
  Patron Registration and Edits
  All of the Above
The planned go-live schedule for the new Cherwell is
  January 1, 2017
  January 16, 2017
  January 5, 2017
  January 12, 2017
Anyone needing an immediate response from December 23rd - January 2nd should call
  Father Time
  Santa Clause
  Terri Fredericka
  Jack Frost
  Frosty the Snoman

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