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Which of the following are true about Open Space Groups?
  Open Space Groups are community spaces organized within Open Space.
  Users can find, add, and organize instructional materials in Open Space.
  Users can create and participate in discussions.
  All of these.
As a member of a group, you can do which of the following?
  View group resources
  Contribute resources to the group
  Participate in discussions
  All of these
Which of the following is NOT an example of community building in Open Space Groups?
  Personal interest and hobby-oriented groups: sharing ideas, recommendations, and advice about interests and hobbies outside of education
  Curriculum development or other project-based teams: creating new content and saving existing resources to the group
  Professional Learning Network: finding and networking with other like-minded educators
  Subject-area and topic-oriented groups: creating, sharing, and aligning new content
True or False: You can use an avatar for your profile picture.
True or False: Once users have created an Open Space account, users can create groups.

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