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Begin Assessment: Grab'em With Infographics! How to Make Infographics With Your Students Quiz (5 Questions)
An infographic is a visual image used to represent information or data.
Infographic creation lets students...
  Evaluate the validity and trustworthiness of source material
  Think critically about a subject, data set, or complex idea
  Improve their research skills and increases data literacy
  All of the above
It’s important that students narrow their topic down as much as possible for infographic creation.
Which of the following is suggested when conducting research for infographics?
  Use library databases or guide students to credible sources on the web
  Find a story to tell with the information and data gathered
  Gather stats, data, numbers and important dates if applicable
  All of the above
Which of the following were discussed as ways for citing sources in infographics?
  List source URLs throughout the infographic near information and data
  List source URLs at the bottom of the infographic
  If list of sources gets too long, create a URL that sends people to the list of sources to review (like a Google Doc)
  All of the above

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