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Begin Assessment: Session 5 - Tools to Power Boost Your Library Quiz (6 Questions)
1 is a great communication tool because it
  keeps your personal information private
  permits personalizing communication by attaching files and translating message
  is free and available in an app for ios and android
  allows teachers to send messages to the entire class, smaller groups, or individuals
  all of the above
Invitations created in can include which of the following
  multiple slides
  all of the above
In Kahoots, if a student selects an inappropriate nickname, the teacher can block the student from that specific game.
If you are using a Kahoot! quiz that you did not create, it’s a good idea to look over the answers to make sure they are correct.
An infographic can be used for…
  all of the above
Only graphics supplied in the creation tool can be used to create infographics.

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