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Begin Assessment: Session 4 - Genius Hour in the Library Quiz (6 Questions)
The key to any type of Genius Hour is
  Assigning a curriculum related topic for a class to research
  Allowing all students to select any topic of their choice to provide an opportunity for intrinsic motivation to learn.
  Having students select from a predetermined list of topics
  Selecting deserving students to work on special projects
Librarian Led Genius Hour means
  The librarian is taking on the responsibility of guiding research for multiple classes in a slow paced, responsive manner to facilitate differentiation in research and curriculum.
  The classroom teacher is responsible for managing students during research and the librarian co-teaches
  The classroom teacher gets an extra planning period
  The librarian is facilitating a classroom teacher’s research assignment.
During Genius Hour,
  The students will benefit from mini-lessons and some modeling and guidance, but should be given independence in topic selection and presentation methods.
  Will solve all of your research problems such as citing of sources and note taking.
  The students should receive strict, step by step procedures to follow.
  It is extremely important to model every step of the way.
You will know you have conducted a successful Genius Hour when,
  Students are given the opportunity to succeed or fail, and either result leads to a learning experience that provides inspiration for “next year.”
  You have transformed learning on campus overnight.
  Everyone is happy.
  Every student will have successfully completed a project to your satisfaction
IWonder can be used with students in grades 4-8
The IWonder Genius Hour activity was inspired by
  Inquiry process
  Crouching tiger mode
  Scaffolded learning
  All of the above

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