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Control/Alt/Read: Reading Digital Text in the Plugged In Classroom of the 21st Century
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Please complete the quiz you see below to generate a Certificate of attendance for this webinar. You must answer at least four of the five questions correctly to receive your certificate. The certificate will reflect the date you take the quiz.

1Which of the following is NOT a problem readers have when reading online?
We read to quickly to compensate for all of the links, ads, and other possible distractions.
Reading online causes young readers to have poor eyesight.
Reading online can promote a “cut and paste mentality” that leads to us to miss details.
Scrolling makes us read less deeply.
2Fake news can include overly partisan sites with misleading information given.
3Allowing students to choose the text they will read is not important when reading online.
4Which of the following is the order to use when facilitating student-created questions?
Grab key words, do a question blitz, create evidence collector
Create evidence collector, do a question blitz, grab key words
Do a question blitz, create evidence collector, grab key words
5Reading digital text is a skill needed only for English language arts classes.
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