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Help @INFOhio Thank Your Local Legislators

Thank you so much for your hard work! Your calls, letters, emails, meetings, and testimony at legislative hearings made an impact. You helped us save the $1.1 million for funding in HB 49 which purchases INFOhio's digital content for Ohio's students. That digital content includes BookFlix and Storia eBooks, The World Book resources, EBSCO databases,, Science Online, and our Digital Video Collection.

Keep the momentum going by letting your legislators know how you use INFOhio digital resources and how Ohio's PreK-12 students benefit from INFOhio!

  1. Tweet or use Facebook to post a picture of students using INFOhio resources for research, a project, or reading an e-book.
  2. Share which INFOhio resource you're using and what your students are learning.
  3. Add the #INFOhioWorks hashtag and the Facebook name or Twitter handle of your legislator and say thanks!

Find your legislators using our searchbox. Click on their names and look for links to their Social Media accounts. (Note: not all legislators share their Social Media information.)

INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library, provides free access to digital educational content to all Ohio PreK-12 schools—public, nonpublic, community, career tech, e-school, and home schools—serving 1.9 million students, their families, and their teachers. INFOhio is a contributing partner to Libraries Connect Ohio, which provides a core collection of information resources and library services that help all Ohioans compete in the global knowledge economy.

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