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** Click Here to Use Storia: Ohio's 4th Grade eBook Collection **

Storia: Ohio's 4th Grade eBook Collection

Storia: Ohio's 4th Grade eBook Collection

INFOhio is pleased to provide Ohio’s 4th Grade Storia Collection. This collection of 160 titles was hand selected to support Ohio's Learning Standards for 4th grade. To get started, teachers who work with fourth grade students need to request an access code and add their class as explained in the Storia Getting Started Guide.



Getting Started is as easy as ABC and 123

  1. Request a Teacher Access Code
  2. Create your Storia account using your Teacher Access Code. (See Figure 1 below.)
  3. Provide Storia with essential information:
    1. Reading level preference (Guided Reading Level or Lexile Measure), your email address, and password
    2. Class name and grade level (Grade 4)
    3. Student names (ex: Emma, Jacob, Logan, Terri F, Terri S)

 Figure 1:
Create Storia Account

Storia FAQs:

What is Storia: Ohio's 4th Grade eBook Collection?

Scholastic's Storia is a collection of eBooks that helps teachers track student's reading and comprehension progress. With a small amount of money from the Ohio Department of Education, INFOhio worked with Scholastic to license a subset of Storia School Edition. The 160 books included in the collection are hand selected to support Ohio's Learning Standards for 4th Grade.

How does Storia help teachers?

  • Storia provides high-quality, interesting books that support Ohio's Learning Standards.
  • Storia gives teachers valuable data that can be used to create student learning objectives and to support the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System. Storia tracks information in an easy-to-use management system that provides statistics on amount of time spent reading, number of words looked up, highlighted passages, notes taken for understanding, and the score on the formative assessment for each title.  If a student performs poorly, then the teacher can verify which strategies were used (or not used) and suggest new approaches the student can take to improve.
  • Multiple Lexile levels let teachers to differentiate for students, and features such as read aloud are a bonus for at-risk readers.

How does a teacher get started with Storia?

Request a unique access code through this form. You will receive an email with the code that you can use to create your Storia account, set up your class, and assign books.

Why is Storia available only for 4th grade?

INFOhio currently offers BookFlix for grades K-3. The Storia collection is the next step in providing eBooks for Ohio schools. We hope to show a connection between Storia and students' reading comprehension, which will help us make a case for expanding the product into other grades.

Who can use this besides 4th grade teachers?

People within a school who work with 4th graders can request a Storia access code. Literacy coaches and librarians are obvious choices. However, they will want to coordinate Storia access with the fourth grade teachers so that a student does not have more than one Storia account, which would dilute reading improvement data.

All our 4th grade teachers want to share an account so we can collaborate? Can we all use the same account?

Yes! In fact, that's a great way to coordinate a student's reading across the curriculum. One access code lets you create up to 9 classes with up to 45 students each, so if your 4th grade is larger than that, you will need additional access codes.

Can public librarians request an access code?

Our license for Storia covers just teachers who work with 4th grade students. We ask public librarians, however, to please  encourage 4th graders in their libraries' after school programs to access their school Storia accounts.

Is there a list of all books included?

Yes. Take a look at the latest Title List. It downloads in Excel format.

What devices can students use to access Storia?

Most desktop computers, either Mac or PC, and Chromebooks run Storia. Mobile devices such as iPads, Android tablets, and Amazon tablets also work. Scholastic does not recommend viewing Storia on Phones or Phablets. For a complete list of supported devices, operating systems, and browsers, see the Storia Tech Specs.

How long will Storia: Ohio's 4th Grade eBook Collection be available?

Storia is again being offered at no charge to all 4th grade classrooms for the 2016-17 school year.

If a teacher moves from district to another, can she keep the same account?

When a teacher moves from one district to another, she will need to use her new email address and request a new account code to create a new account.  If a teacher moves from one building to another within the same district, the teacher will keep the same account. She will, however, need to request a new code.  The system will recognize her email address however and will ask her if she wants to create a new account or keep her existing one.

Is there a way to import student data into Storia?

Yes.  Teachers can use the template provided by Storia to easily upload a .csv file of their students.  Once a class has been created, the teacher will see the option as well as the template.

Storia is also partnering with Clever to make student information loading and student log in even easier. Additional information on how to use Clever with your INFOhio Storia account will be available later in the 2016-2017 school year.

What are the system requirements for Storia?

The System Requirements are available for review from Scholastic.