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Webinar recorded on 2015-03-19

Just as schools are aggressively moving to 1:1 and digital texts to save money and engage students, studies are showing that print text—not electronic text—helps students comprehend more of what they read and retain it for longer. But just as quickly, teachers are devising new strategies to encourage the same kind of close, rich interactions with digital text the Common Core requires.

By the end of this webinar, you'll know:

The best practices to enhance student comprehension of digital text from Ohio teachers and school librarians who are using them successfully in the classroom. The best and easiest ways to find eBooks to support student learning. How to access the free eBooks INFOhio offers, from BookFlix’s visually engaging elementary titles, to the downloadable PDFs available through Science Reference Center and Literary Reference Center, to the Gutenberg Collection titles searchable and easily accessed through ISearch.

This resource is suitable for students in the following grades: ALL GRADES

Use this url to bookmark or link to Skim No More! How to Use eBooks in the Classroom to Foster Close Reading: https://www.infohio.org/pd/webinars/recordings/item/lwi20150319.

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