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Webinar recorded on 2016-08-02

Genius Hour is “a movement in education that allows students to spend time in school exploring, researching and studying any topic of their choice.” Learn about one Texas librarian’s “disruptive innovation,” successfully implementing genius hour in her school, from getting administrator and faculty support for the project to establishing an environment that facilitates independent research and learning.  Elizabeth Rush will share what worked exceptionally well and what she needed to adjust for year two and three.  She will share her step-by-step approach and some of the most memorable student topics and projects.

Then see how IWonder's Genius Hour leads students through the inquiry process, introduces them to new online learning tools, and gives them the freedom to learn more about a topic that interests them!   Find out how to implement this exercise in your classroom and get the best results for authentic, personalized student learning.

Use this url to bookmark or link to Genius Hour in the Library: https://www.infohio.org/pd/webinars/recordings/item/bc2016session4.

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