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End of Year Tasks

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching.  Here’s a few things you should do before summer.

End of Year tasks:

  • Get your books back - You’ll find a nice variety of overdue and active loan reports in Reports > Favorite Reports > Circulation.
  • Declare items lost - Don’t wait until the last week of school.  Declare long overdue items lost so students have time to locate them or bring you the fee.
  • Database cleanup - Favorite Reports has a whole section on this.  The Shelflist Multipurpose explains how to create a spreadsheet and use various sort options to identify missing, lost, and intransit items.  Clean them up.  If you have time, clean up those funky call numbers too.
  • Fines - Fines stay on a student’s record forever.  Determine your district’s policy on fines, and if appropriate forgive any small ones, especially if students will be going to a different building next year.
  • Discarded items - If you’ve been weeding throughout the year and changing items’ status to Discard, notify your ITC’s INFOhio provider.  They will delete the items from your database for you.