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It’s Spring and a librarian’s thoughts turn to inventory!  Do you keep putting it off because you don’t have expensive equipment?  Are you overwhelmed at doing your whole collection at once?  Fear not - you don’t need to purchase anything and can do just one section if you want.

Inventory has come a long way.  You can do it with a laptop (no internet needed), a scanner (you can use the one at your circ desk or purchase an extra one that could have multiple uses throughout the year), and a flash drive.  You don’t need to close your library to do inventory either.  In fact, it’s faster if a lot of books are checked out because you don’t need to scan them.  Sirsi will account for those items in a report.

Start with a small item group (Biographies) or part of a group (NF 700-799).  Your shelves don’t need to be in perfect order, but browse for items in the wrong collection.  Run a shelflist (you don’t need to print it) and look to see what Sirsi thinks should be in that section.  Then scan that section and run a few reports.  Sirsi will even mark items missing for you.

The trick is to follow the directions carefully.  We have created a worksheet to help you track your progress.  Complete details are in the Workflows Handbook > Special Tasks > Inventory.