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Emailing overdue notices

Many schools now have student or parent email addresses on file.  If so, did you know you can set up your overdue notice reports to be emailed?  No more printing and lost notices!

First talk to your ITC’s INFOhio provider.  Let them know what you want to do.  They can help you determine the best way to get those email addresses into Sirsi. In many cases it can simply be transferred from the student software or uploaded from a spreadsheet.  If not, you can choose to enter them by hand or create your own spreadsheet.  However, be sure your provider is aware so they can protect any data you enter into a student’s record.   

Once you have the emails in the students’ Sirsi records, you need to set up the report.  Be sure to use the CIR:Overdues & Notices report and select Notice format. On the Output Options tab, scroll down and check Email Notice to all patrons with valid email address.  That's it.  Be sure to save the report as a template.  More details can be found in the Workflows handbook under Reports > INFOhio Reports > CIR: Overdues &  Notices, page 5.