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Weeding using Global Item Modify

Finally! You have a bit of time to do some weeding. You know the titles you want, you're just not sure the best way to get the items out of Sirsi. Here's a quick and easy way to do it.


Take a cart with you to the stacks and load it with items you want to weed. Now for the easy part. Sit at your desk, open Sirsi, and locate the Global Item Modify wizard. Using the drop down arrow, change Library to your Library and change Shelf Location to Discard. Then start scanning the items on you cart. That's it!

At the end of the year or the end of your weeding process, contact your head librarian or ITC provider. Your ITC will delete those Discard items for you and give you a report listing the items you have weeded.
HINT: At any time you can run a shelflist for just Discard items. This will give you a paper trail of all the items you have weeded.

For more detailed information, look in the Workflows manual > Cataloging > Item Maintenance > Global Item Modification.