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Just in Time for Summer: Updates to IWonder

Looking for fun learning activities to recommend to students and parents this summer? Point them to IWonder from INFOhio.

IWonder is a collection of websites, chosen by Ohio school librarians, for students to use for classroom or personal research. It's a safe place for children in grades 3-9 to start when they want to explore a topic that interests them. The "Do You Want to Find the Perfect Book?" category has been updated to include links to free eBooks students can read during the summer.

Find more summer learning activities, including INFOhio Beach Bags and Camp INFOhio, on INFOhio's Summer Learning page. The Beach Bags feature stories and activities that let children practice reading skills while learning about careers and their environment. Camp INFOhio contains five days of reading, activities, and experiments centered on STEAM topics. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. Kids can try their hand at code breaking, conduct science experiments with items they find in the kitchen, learn about roller coasters before designing their own, and create their own musical instruments.

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