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Inquiry and INFOhio, Locating Information: New Teach With INFOhio Blog Post

We know that children and teens are great at using tech and the internet to play and socialize. Teaching effective strategies for locating information helps children and teens begin to use tech and the internet for learning and working and prepares them for success in college and career. Read the latest Teach With INFOhio blog post, INFOhio and Inquiry: Locating Information, to learn why the high-quality, digital, instructional content from INFOhio is the perfect place for students to begin locating information.

In our latest blog post, find INFOhio tools and strategies you can use to help students master all the skills associated with locating the right kind of information to meet their needs. This is the third in a series of several posts about the inquiry process and the Dimensions of Inquiry. Find all Teach With INFOhio blog posts at

And while you're digging into the inquiry process, watch the recording for the latest Learn With INFOhio webinar, Using Inquiry to Drive Authentic Research.

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