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Updates to INFOhio Blizzard Bags

While some of us are hoping for only light snow this winter, we’re helping you prepare for the worst with INFOhio’s Blizzard Bags.

Blizzard Bags are lesson sets and learning activities that students can complete from a device at home.

INFOhio's Blizzard Bags focus on the following themes:

Grades K-3: Snow

Grades 4-5: Snow

Grades 6-8: Financial Literacy

Grades 9-12: Social Media with a focus on research readiness for college and careers

Note: The 9-12 bag contains tabs with different activities for grades 9-10 and grades 11-12 and two bonus “mini-bags”: Democracy and Journalism in Social Media and The Science and Math of Social Media.

Each Blizzard Bag includes:

  • A complete customizable research unit
  • Standards-aligned, cross-curricular options
  • A teacher guide
  • Low-tech/high-tech options
  • Differentiation tips
  • Templates for lesson customization
  • Material for in-class instruction or home exploration

All INFOhio Blizzard Bags support Ohio’s Learning Standards. Following the six dimensions of inquiry students create and explore essential questions, locate and evaluate information, apply and share information with others, and reflect on their learning.

How to Use the Blizzard Bags

  1. Go to to see a list of all INFOhio Instructional Bags. Find the Blizzard Bags box and choose the appropriate grade level.
  2. Review the tabs, especially the Teacher Guide, where you’ll find information on standards, differentiation, assessments, cross-curricular connections, etc.
  3. Consider having the students complete all the activities found on the Questioning, Locating, and Evaluating Tabs so that they have the foundation needed to complete any of the other assignments. Then choose as many activities from the rest of the tabs—Applying, Sharing, Reflecting—to meet the needs of your students.
  4. Customize the Blizzard Bag lesson as needed using the Lesson Plan Template found on the Teachers Guide tab.
  5. Use the Student Assignment Template to prepare a schedule for your students. Look at the sample schedule included for ideas. To make it easier to assign just the right amount of work, each activity includes an estimated time to complete. The template also includes ideas for using high-tech and low-tech options as needed that best meet your students’ needs.
  6. Familiarize the students with the Blizzard Bags in class. Spend about 15 minutes going over the modules, discussing your expectations, and specifying the pieces you expect them to complete.

If you have questions about INFOhio's Blizzard Bags, contact us at