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Why Supporting Digital Natives Matters: New Teach With INFOhio Blog Post

We sometimes hear the current generation of learners described as "tech savvy," but today's digital natives are primarily "tech comfy." Teens may need to show adults how to use SnapChat, but age and experience help adults know more about how to evaluate the content on that platform and in other digital spaces.

To develop cricital thinkers who are able to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate digital content, educators must be intentional in preparing  students for 21st century learning. That includes reading content on the screen from a variety of sources—blogs, social media posts, databases, articles, and forums. In our latest Teach With INFOhio blog post, Reading on the Screen: Why Supporting Digital Natives Matters, find best practices, lesson plans, and professional development you can use to help you take your students from tech comfy and information novice to tech savvy and information literate.

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