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Two Steps to Stepping Up Student Learning: New Teach With INFOhio Blog Post

Is improving student learning your "why"? Learn more about INFOhio's "why" and how easy it can be for educators to improve student learning with high quality instructional materials from INFOhio in our newest Teach With INFOhio blog post, Two Steps to Stepping Up Student Learning. The post includes a practical example of how teachers can use INFOhio's Educator Tools along with ISearch to find both instructional strategies and quality informational texts for students that support the lesson. Find all Teach With INFOhio blog posts at

INFOhio's social media team posts to Teach With INFOhio several times per month. Teach With INFOhio is easily accessible from INFOhio's Stay Connected page and the social media icons you see on most INFOhio webpages. Click the quote icon to find recent blog posts. If you have questions about Teach With INFOhio, contact us at