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Don't Let Your Students Hit 'Snooze' on Reading

Just because your students sleep in during the summer doesn't mean that learning does, too.

Wake your students up with Book Nook! Devoted to student-created content for grades K-12, INFOhio's Book Nook offers students the unique opportunity to create book trailers and showcase their creations in a safe environment. Book Nook provides a forum for students to summarize plot, voice book critiques, and share what they loved (or hated!) about the book they read, while fostering creativity and encouraging students to explore new ideas in any subject.

BookFlix HorizontalKeep your students engaged in reading with INFOhio's eBooks that are fun for everyone - children to teens! Young children can pick favorite fiction and nonfiction titles in BookFlix. Utilizing ISearch, older students can choose classic texts, from Japanese Fairytales to Henry James. Find the perfect book, eBook, or eAudio book to read or listen to at home or on the go by checking out INFOhio's eBook collection - no library card required! Ask your students, their parents, and staff to find your school system's username and password so they can use the INFOhio resources throughout the summer.