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Teach With INFOhio Blog Posts to Help You Finish Strong

The school year is drawing to a close but these Teach With INFOhio blog posts can help you finish the school year strong and start the summer right. 

For ideas on how to make the most of the last weeks of school, read part 1 and part 2 of Field Days, Talent Shows, and Class Picnics - Oh My! or How to Learn and Have Fun During the Last Weeks of School. Don't put away those Chrome carts yet! Keep the computers up and running! These posts demonstrate how to use Camp INFOhio and IWonder Genius Hour during the last days of the school year.

Before school lets out, find a few easy things you can do now to prepare your students to have a healthy, fun, and productive summer in Stop the Summer Slide with INFOhio. Help your students come back to school next fall, ready to hit the ground running!

And summer reading programs aren't only for kids. Summer Reading—Teacher Style can help any educator develop her own professional list of summer must-reads using INFOhio's 15 for Educators. To participate in Summer Reading—Teacher Style, all you need is time, some mindfulness, and a device with an Internet connection.

INFOhio's social media team posts to Teach With INFOhio several times per month. Find Teach With INFOhio in the social media icons you see on most INFOhio webpages, including INFOhio's Stay Connected page. Click the quote icon to find recent blog posts. If you have questions about Teach With INFOhio, contact us at