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Updates to Tech Skills for Online Testing

Just in time for the testing window to open, INFOhio's Tech Skills for Online Testing Pearltree has been updated.

INFOhio's Tech Skills for Online Testing provides ways for students to practice the tech skills needed in order to be ready to take online assessments. Find a flyer you can download and print to share with colleagues in the INFOhio Toolkit. If some websites are blocked at your school, share this document with your technology coordinators so they will have the direct URLs for the web-based resources to include on the white list for school filtering software. For more resources to support digital literacy, visit INFOhio's Digital Literacy Curriculum Toolbox. The Toolbox includes links to resources for teachers that can help students become more proficient with digital tools.

As the testing season approaches, you can find an Online Testing Skills link in the quicklinks menu at the bottom of most INFOhio web pages.

If you have questions about the Tech Skills for Online Testing flyer or Pearltree, contact us at