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2017 OhioNET Free eResources Previews Now Available

The 2017 OhioNET Previews for K-12 Libraries are available through the end of February. Find the Ohio PreK-12 resource preview at INFOhio provides premium OhioNET membership for all Ohio K-12 schools.

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While these trials can be shared with relevant staff, OhioNET has obtained this free content from the content providers with the understanding that these trials are not to be accessed by students or the general public. OhioNET will have informational webinars and special discounts planned throughout the month. Check the OhioNET website regularly for more information.

Questions? Contact Carrie Waibel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 614-484-1064.

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INFOhio Needs Your Help!

In the proposed FY18-19 budget, the $1.1 million funding INFOhio lost in FY16-17 was not restored.

That means the page or resource you are trying to access will not be available after June 30.

INFOhio is saving schools over 40 million dollars each year. Don't lose these great resources by not getting involved.