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New eLearning Module Added to Science Online

Science Online, available to all PreK-12 students and educators from INFOhio, has added a new eLearning Module on cells. This is the tenth eLearning Module in Science Online.

Other Science Online eLearning Module topics include the human body, physics in action, genetics and evolution, energy and the environment, global warming, biomes of the earth, green technology, the plant world, and essential chemistry. Each eLearning Module includes articles and other digital texts, diagrams and images, videos and animations, and a glossary. The eLearning Module on cells is divided into six sections:

  • Cell Structure, Processes and Reproduction  
  • Cells and Human Health
  • The Evolution of Cells
  • How Scientists Research Cells
  • Plant Cells
  • Stem Cell Research and Other Cell-related Controversies

eLearning Modules have "Read Aloud" and citation features and contents of eLearning Modules can be emailed, downloaded, or embedded in a learning management system. If your school uses Google's education apps, sharing Science Online content to your Google Classroom is easy. Visit Science Online's How to Use Share to Google Classroom for directions.

Science Online reference articles are available through ISearch but additional content, like the eLearning Modules, can be accessed easily through the Science Online interface.

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