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Building Relationships to Take Technology Integration Deeper Quiz
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Learn with INFOhio! Webinar Quiz Please complete the quiz you see below to generate a Certificate of attendance for this webinar. You must answer at least four of the five questions correctly to receive your certificate. The certificate will reflect the date you take the quiz.

1Educators usually identify with their profession in a deeper way than many other professions, whereas it becomes a part of who they are.
2People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget...
how much "tech stuff" you know
that one time you showed up late
what you presented in a staff meeting
how you made them feel!
3Which of the following are relationship building tips discussed in the webinar?
Create a Google Form and save it to your phone home screen to log conversations, classroom pain points, teaching styles, etc.
Never get frustrated in front of the learner when you are working with them
Remembering and referencing previous non-tech related conversations
All of the above
4Jaime Casap, Google Evangelist, said, "People aren't afraid of change, they're afraid of _________."
more work
less work
being different
5Which of the following tips to push into reluctant teacher classrooms were discussed during the webinar?
Go with an end goal in mind of something small and relevant to show them
Emailing a relevant Tweet to a teacher or group of teachers to share ideas.
Show the learner an example
All of the above
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